Plates (Removable Appliance)

A removable appliance is commonly used for simple tooth/ teeth positioning. Additional orthodontic treatment may be required to further move teeth and their roots into their correct positions.

A removable appliance can be highly effective as long as it is worn as instructed. If the removable appliance is not worn as instructed or is removed too often, treatment can take much longer than originally planned with less effective results.

There are many different removable appliance available to correct different types of problems. We choose the one best suited to your individual needs.

Functional Appliances

Functional Appliances harness the action of the jaw muscles and make use of the growth of the jaws to correct the jaw size discrepancies.

These appliances need to be worn all the time (day and night) for their optimum effect thus requiring a high degree of patient cooperation. As these appliances rely on jaw growth they are often implemented at an early age and are not suitable for older patients. After the active treatment is complete they are usually worn at night only to allow time for the teeth to settle into the new position.

Functional Appliances are usually followed up with Braces and may reduce the amount of time braces are needed. Functional appliances are not suitable for everyone.